Life Purpose statements “before”

  • “To be a worship leader among other things.”
  • “I want to become a physical therapist and show people the love of God and to worship God.”
  • “Something to do with music/ministry/prophet. God has told me in my quiet time just yesterday that I am appointed. I didn’t even know about Jeremiah 1:5.”
  • “In making musing to encourage this generation and to use my gift of prophesy.”
  • “Technical production: spreading God’s truth through audio, video and lighting.”
  • “To reach out to people, rise against cyber bullying, help the bullied, open safe homes for the abused, provide for the needy.”
  • “Preaching; maybe missions trips.”
  • “I think it might be graphic design; I am not completely sure but using it for God’s Kingdom.”
  • “Showing God through movie makeup.”
  • “I want to help others. I feel like my life purpose is to look beyond myself and allow God to use me to serve others.”
  • “I think I would like to do journalism or some king of design. And I definitely have a heart for Africa.”
  • “Music/dance/theater ministry of some sort with children and elderly people, most likely with the arts.”
  • “Missions/drama; education for children.”
  • “I am passionate about leading worship and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”
  • “To bring others into communion with God through hospitality.”
  • “To bring glory to God and joy to people through performing arts.”
  • “Being a sports broadcaster (baseball) or worship leader/singer.”
  • “I know that I have a passion for worship and musing as well as helping others.”
  • “Making a difference in people’s lives and in the world.”
  • “Go into nursing and therapy; work with children.”
  • “I’m going to be a nurse. Then maybe a doctor if I want to stay in school.”
  • “Teaching dance and training horses.”
  • “Something to do with working with animals.”
  • “I see myself being a leader.”
  • “Being a leader.”
  • “I want to be a vet.”

Life Purpose statements “After”

  • “My Life Purpose is to help people see their worth as a child of God.”
  • “My Life Purpose is to be a voice for children with autism that are abused.”
  • “My Life Purpose is to show Christ’s love and compassion to others through art and painting.”
  • “To aid lost, lonely or starving children find a family and their eternal Father.”
  • “To be a friend to the friendless and to let God’s love shine through me.”
  • “To show people God through my testimony in the musical arts.”
  • “To evangelize and make an impact on young adults and teenagers through my actions.”
  • “I learned what my purpose is and why I’m here.”

Not completely sure but gained clarity

  • “It helped me gain clarity in what my next step should be.”
  • “It helped put words to what I was feeling and helped me describe what I was longing for.”
  • “I’m not completely there. But it’s given me more clarity. Something to teach, exhort, empower people.”
  • “Since I am passionate about helping and serving others I believe that is my Life Purpose, but I’m not 100% sure in which area.”
  • “I am still unsure what my purpose is, but this class has helped me gain clarity.”
  • “I got clarity in some places but it also has caused me to think about things that I had not thought of before.”

What impacted you the most

  • “The explanation of what a life purpose is and how to identify the reason I am here. It helped me realize God made me with intent.”
  • “I was able to think about what God’s plan is for me and tried to think about my life purpose.”
  • “It helped me learn the difference between career and purpose.”
  • “It helped me know the difference between a calling and my life purpose and focusing on that.”
  • “The clarity between your life purpose and your career.”
  • “It has really clarified what I am here for.”
  • “All of the questions about myself and my gifts [in the handouts] helped push me and direct me toward my purpose.”
  • “I learned about my life purpose and I know now that there’s a difference between purpose and career.”
  • “I became able to find my life purpose and start focusing on how I can accomplish it.”
  • “To find what my life purpose is.”
  • “Finding my life purpose.”
  • “Sorting out misconceptions and giving me motivation to seek out my life purpose.”
  • “It helped me find clarity about my life purpose.”
  • “It helped me discover my life purpose. It also helped me realize my career was not my life purpose.”

How the life purpose profile tool helped


How did the Life Purpose Profile help you clarify the relationship between your Life Purpose and your “inside” (your personality/natural gifts), “outside” (life experiences), and “above” (spiritual gifts, calling, and ministerial offices)?


  • “I now understand that my ‘gifts’ or ‘calling’ don’t determine my purpose, but complement it. They all go together and every part of me was made for a reason.”
  • “Since I am still trying to find my life purpose through this class it made me think of a few.”
  • “It helped me have a clearer understanding.”
  • “Realizing that my career isn’t my life purpose; it has helped me connect my gifts and talents to my purpose.”
  • “It makes me rethink what my life purpose should be and if I am on the right path.”
  • “After explaining it in a way that I can understand I can begin to grasp what they are.”
  • “This has showed me how everything works to complement each other – the inside, the outside and above – all enhance and bring a platform to share.”
  • “I can use my ‘inside, outside and above’ to go toward my purpose.”
  • “It helped me to figure out what my gifts are and how those gifts are not my life purpose.”
  • “That they all are part of each other to live out your purpose.”
  • “My motivational and spiritual gifts go together and go with my personality.”
  • “It gave me a fantastic visual in how they all link together.”
  • “I had some ideas but it helped me find it. The question about me in Jesus’ shoes helped me the most.”
  • “It really made more things clear that I already had ideas about.”