Jewish Roots
Rediscover Your Spiritual Heritage

Rediscover Your Rich Spiritual Heritage.

Join the movement and discover your part in God's story.

Drop Fear

Get a healthy and balanced view of Israel and the Jewish People.

Feel Confident

Gain a Biblical understanding of God’s plan for Israel and the Church.

Live Happy

Get equipped to effectively reach Jews and Gentiles with the Gospel.

Our Philosophy

We believe the Bible must be studied through a Hebraic lens to get the full story.

The Messianic movement is about reconnecting to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and learning about the role of Israel and the Church in the entirety of God’s Kingdom.

Whether you’ve been a believer for a while or are just beginning, understanding the unity in diversity between Jew and Gentile believers will enrich your spiritual experience.

It’s a great time to become firmly grounded with the truth of your spiritual heritage and effectively play your part in God’s Kingdom.

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Rediscover Your Spiritual Heritage

Get a fresh understanding of God’s plan for unity between Jewish and Gentile believers.

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